Are there any special considerations for people who have recently gotten married or divorced when it comes to filing taxes?

In a joint return, married people report their combined income and deduct their combined allowable expenses. For many couples, filing a joint return results in a lower tax than filing a separate return. Just answer a few simple questions and the tool will show you your marital status as a taxpayer. If you haven't yet officially divorced before the end of the year, you can still file a joint return with your spouse.

You will lose the option to file a joint return when your divorce decree is final. This program allows you to prepare and file your individual federal tax return for free using branded tax preparation and filing software or fillable forms from Free File. As you prepare for your divorce needs, here are some important things to think about to stay on top of your taxes. If you don't pay enough taxes before the due date of each payment, you may have to pay a penalty even if you're due a refund when you file your tax return.

If you and your spouse divorce in one year for the sole purpose of filing tax returns as single people and, at the time of the divorce, you intend to remarry and do so in the next tax year, you and your spouse must file the return as married people. To help you with these issues, here are 7 often-overlooked tax tips and potential tax breaks you should consider when filing your taxes after a divorce. If you meet this exception, the relief will be considered even if the underestimated tax or the unpaid tax can be fully or partially attributed to your item. When filing taxes after a divorce, you may also be eligible to file them using head of household status.

For example, you can't deduct the counseling, litigation, or tax advice fees you received during your divorce. Tax Exemptions If you didn't receive a third stimulus check last year, or didn't receive the full amount, you may be able to collect it when you file your tax return this year. The details of filing taxes after the divorce and the way you write your divorce agreement could make a big difference when it comes to your tax refund. In addition, you cannot deduct the legal fees paid for tax advice in connection with a divorce or the legal fees to obtain alimony or the fees you pay to appraisers, actuaries and accountants for their services to determine your correct tax or to help you obtain alimony.

If you have any specific tax questions about your divorce, it's best to talk to a tax professional. Do not attach the tax return filed above, but include copies of all forms W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, and W-2G, certain gambling winnings, for both spouses and of any 1099 forms showing income tax withholding.

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