Are there any special considerations for people who have recently moved when it comes to filing taxes?

While you probably won't have to pay more taxes (unless you move to a state with a higher tax rate), you'll have to file several tax returns. Each state expects its residents to file a tax return each year, and those who move during the year must file a residency return for part of the year in each state. Today begins tax filing season, the annual period during which Americans file their tax returns. The tax money collected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each year allows the federal government to serve the American people by providing essential services and benefits.

From Social Security payments that help our seniors to paying and protecting our troops and climate investments that will help us transition to a net-zero emission economy, the ability of the IRS to raise revenues underpins the provision of the services that all Americans depend on. These 361 centers located across the country offer free tax help to address complex tax issues that may be difficult for individuals or small businesses to resolve, to help taxpayers who do not have a social security number apply for an individual tax identification number, or to help those who may face the language barrier when filing their taxes. On the bright side, any excess Social Security taxes withheld will be refunded when you file your tax return for the year.

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