Are there any tax professionals that can help me with my taxes?

The IRS requires that any paid preparer who files more than 11 returns for their clients to file them electronically through the IRS electronic filing system. If your tax preparer doesn't offer electronic tax filing, it may be a sign that the person isn't preparing their tax return as much as you thought. Property and accident insurance services are offered through NerdWallet Insurance Services, Inc. OK9203 Property & Casualty Licenses.

Find a virtual tax preparation option with NYC Free Tax Prep. Make sure that your experience applies to your situation, as many preparers specialize in specific areas of tax law. Certified public accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents (EAs) and tax lawyers are the highest credentials a tax preparer can possess. Never sign a blank tax return; the preparer could include anything on the return, including your own bank account number, in order to steal your refund.

For example, in a tax preparation chain, sometimes you'll have to pay for the extra help of a tax professional if the IRS needs more information or if you're audited, but you'll likely have to choose to pay for the service when you pay for your tax preparation. Many online tax preparers now offer live assistance, so if you have any questions while you file your return, you can get help in real time. The IRS requires that anyone who receives compensation in exchange for preparing a tax return must have a PTIN or a tax preparer identification number. File a complaint if you have been financially affected by the misconduct or improper tax preparation practices of a tax return preparer.

Tax preparers often charge a minimum fee, plus a cost depending on the complexity of your return, or charge a fixed fee for each form and schedule needed on your return. The IRS provides tips to avoid unscrupulous tax preparers and is committed to investigating paid tax return preparers who act improperly. If you're running a small business, have a difficult tax year, are a new investor, or just want to talk to a person face-to-face, it may be worth working with a tax preparer or other tax professional. While these services are usually legitimate, so-called ghost preparers will refuse to sign the tax returns they prepare.

The holder of the preparer's tax identification number (PTIN) is the lowest type of accreditation offered by the IRS. They range from large tax preparation chains to small businesses that also sell insurance or other services to individual tax preparers. If you run into a tax preparer whose fees are based on the amount of your refund or who says they can give you a larger refund than someone else's, that's a red flag.

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