What are the different types of tax forms i need to fill out?

Common IRS tax forms you should know (and where to get them), Form 1040 and Form 1040-SR. Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people achieve financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper columns, radio programs and premium investment services. You're reading a free article with opinions that may differ from The Motley Fool's Premium Investing Services. Become a Motley Fool member today for instant access to our top analyst recommendations, in-depth research, investment resources, and more.

Learn more: There's no need to waste another second confused with all the forms you'll need to file your tax return. This is a quick resource to help you familiarize yourself with the forms you may receive before and during tax season. If you've ever wondered how the IRS calculates your income taxes, this is your one-stop form for discovering all the hidden gems. Form 1040 is where you declare your marital status as a taxpayer, make your standard deductions, apply for lucrative credits, and determine how much you owe the IRS.

This is your starting point for understanding the basics of tax filing. This form is used to determine the amount of federal income tax that an employer must withhold from their paycheck. When you start a new job, you will most likely receive Form W-4 to complete. It's also a good idea to update this form when major life changes occur, such as getting married or having a baby.

The IRS has made the process of completing Form W-4 less cumbersome by simplifying it into five steps. If you received a pension or an annuity, you'll need to use this form to help you understand the different rules for these payments. This form is used to determine the amount of federal income tax that should be withheld from those payments. The most common type of income found in the 1099-G is unemployment benefits.

This compensation is taxable and must be included in your tax return to calculate your total taxable income for the year. This form also contains other government payments, such as state and local taxes withheld from any government payments received, taxable grants, and payments received from the Department of Agriculture. People who transact with a payment settlement institution (PSE) will receive this form. For example, Uber and Lyft are considered a third-party network that facilitates transactions on behalf of the driver.

Dividends are an additional source of income for investors and must be reported to the IRS. This form will disclose your qualifying dividends versus your ordinary dividends. You will also find information on capital gains distributions and Section 199A dividends. You will receive a tax form to pay for your college tuition costs.

These expenses may qualify you for tax deductions or credits. If you received health insurance from the marketplace, you will receive Form 1095-A by mail or online in the HealthCare, gov account. This is necessary before you file your tax returns. The form includes premiums, tax credits used, and premiums paid.

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Making the world smarter, happier and richer. Form 1040-ES is used by people with incomes not subject to withholding tax to calculate and pay estimated taxes. Employers must file a W-2 form for each employee whose income tax, social security, or Medicare has been withheld. The types of deductions you can make depend largely on your life situation.

You probably don't need all of the documents listed below for your taxes. U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. UU.

Annual income tax return filed by citizens or residents of the United States. You should also review those other two individual tax returns to take advantage of additional income adjustments and tax credits. Employers who withhold income taxes, social security tax, or Medicare tax from employee paychecks or who must pay the employer's share of Social Security or Medicare tax. However, the only tax credit that appears in the 1040EZ is the earned income tax credit, available only to low-income taxpayers.

Here's an introduction to some of the documents you'll want to familiarize yourself with when using TurboTax to prepare your tax return. The governor, TurboTax will ask simple questions and will automatically fill out all the appropriate tax forms you need to file your tax return. Fortunately, learning just a few key tax forms can give you much of the information you need to understand your tax return. To help you prepare for your tax appointment or to file your own taxes, we've created a checklist to help you know what forms you should file.


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