What documents do i need to prepare my taxes?

Checklist of Tax Preparation Documents · Personal Information. Tax identification numbers are mandatory items on your checklist. All taxpayers will need the following to file their taxes. Both your federal and, if applicable, state returns.

They are not strictly necessary, but they serve to refresh what you filed last year and the documents you used. This tax preparation checklist covers preparation issues that are common to most filers, but taxes are different for each of us. To help you prepare for your tax appointment or to file your own taxes, we've created a checklist to help you know what forms you should file. This should give your tax preparer an accurate picture of your personal tax situation, in addition to the identifying information it includes.

When you're ready to prepare your tax return with TurboTax software, you'll be surprised at the time you'll save by organizing your information beforehand. This will make it much easier to prepare your taxes and will help you to clearly see where your money is going each year. Your tax preparer will require identifying information for you, your spouse (if married) and your eligible dependents, if applicable. You'll need all of this information and documentation whether you prepare your tax return yourself or if you decide to use a tax professional.

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