What is the best way to organize my tax documents?

Keeping all your tax PDFs in one folder can make it difficult to find the right document. Organize tax documents by year and category using subfolders. The closer you place your file cabinet or box, the more likely you are to file your documents and have them ready when you need them. A filing cabinet in another room, floor, or even on the other side of the desk is a recipe for procrastination (and losing documents).

This means that you'll avoid sitting around filing your taxes during tax season and realizing that you need to look for documentation that's months old. Trust me, I'm not a fan of tax season either, but having a solid system for organizing tax documents really eliminates much of the fear associated with tax season. I fill out the Client Organizer package, scan it, and then upload it to the tax document folder for the specific fiscal year (which contains all other supporting documents) on my computer. Returning to the topic of “everyone's tax situation is different,” I've created a basic tax document checklist for you to customize and use as a guide as you search for and collect those documents.

Whew, now that we've got that figured out, let's talk about some ways to make tax preparation time as easy as possible. It's time to pay taxes again, and my goal with this publication is to provide them with a list of tax documents that they should keep, a list of labels to place in their files, so that everything is ready to work. To avoid having to go through every file of the cars you own when it's time to pay taxes, make a copy of your state taxes as soon as you pay them and insert it here.

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