Are there any tax preparation software programs that can help me with my taxes?

TurboTax, H&R Block, Cash App Taxes, Jackson Hewitt and TaxSlayer are among our ratings this year. After reviewing the features above, we ranked our recommendations according to the best for general tax filing, second place, the free tax software, the most affordable and the best guarantee of accuracy. While it's capable of preparing complicated tax returns, TaxAct is best used by taxpayers with simpler financial scenarios. Tax software is a digital product that allows you to file your federal and state tax returns with guided help.

After reviewing the navigation tools in the tax software, you'll know if you owe taxes or if you can expect a refund. While tax season may not be your favorite time of year, you can speed up the process by filing your tax return using a tax software program. As you prepare your tax return, TurboTax Deluxe offers many useful tools, such as explanatory videos, quizzes to help you identify deductions and tax credits, and explanations of why you might owe taxes. Online tax preparation and filing services can save you a lot of time and frustration compared to filing your taxes on paper.

It offers several ways to contact customer service for help with tax filing, such as by phone, chat, email, and professional tax assistance. The Cash App Taxes software works best if you have a simple tax return (with a W-2 form and a couple of common deductions, such as interest on a student loan) and you are looking for online tax software that is completely free and that doesn't impose unexpected fees on you. Second, preparing and filing your return online could reduce your tax liability, since these sites are trained to thoroughly investigate deductions. CNBC Select analyzed 12 tax filing software options and evaluated them based on a number of features, such as cost, user experience, expert tax assistance, and the Better Business Bureau rating.

To determine which tax software offers the best way to file your taxes online, CNBC Select analyzed 12 programs. When you prepare your income taxes with paper forms, you spend a lot of time going back and forth from one to the other. We focus on well-known and widely used tax preparation software, and while the tax code is the tax code, there is a crucial difference between paying for what is going to be used and paying for things that are not needed. The TurboTax software looks like an interview with a tax preparer who knows exactly what to ask and what is the best way to guide you.

Jackson Hewitt Online offers telephone support, but its representatives only answer questions about products and do not offer any type of tax advice.

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